Waiting is the hardest part

AW founder Morty has teamed with GVM (2doay.wam), The Alien Army, The Goiter, The AW Butler, NYO (k1kaw.wam), and Alien Fan Art Mining to present

Waiting is the hardest part!
58 lands – NFTs by AW founder @Morty
This event is over – please check list below to see if you were recorded

This is unfinished and its got motion we cant seem to get online!! we love it!!!

This is the uncheck table – all non bots will get one of mortys nfts around 3/15-3/16

wdt_ID Miner
1 z.1b2.wam
2 sxzr2.wam
3 ywzqy.wam
4 ccvb2.wam
5 wihqy.wam
6 eo2r2.wam
7 gc2r2.wam
8 qror.wam
9 p3ib.wam
10 znhb.wam
Bot check for this event :
After the day period is over, we will compile a list of all wallets. In conjunction AW, AW butler and GVM will then follow all wallets for 3-4 days during which we will remove all non-humans. This format is what we use in our events, this will eliminate 99.9% of the non human accounts.