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Promo Planet Presents: Black Jack!!
Start time: Nov 9th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: Nov 12th @ 18:00 UTC

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The goal of this event is to get as close to 1.21 TLM total per Day w/o going bust!!
The event will be divided into 3 hands (each 1 Day long).
You can do up to 10 mines per day, we will only look at the first 10 mines.
For each hand you can keep mining until you want to stop, but if you go over 1.210 TLM total mined (Total TLM per day)… you lose that hand
In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by time stamp of the last mine (1st to the number wins)
Rewards per Hand (each day)
1st – 50th – 1 Captain Pig
51st-101st – 1 Random Hero or Villain (J_son, CPU, Drop Bot, Bonz, Pigwig, or Drei)
50 Random Gamblers who do 10 mines in a hand – not in the top 101 will get 1 Random Hero

Table Location : (10% com)

  • Magor 30:8 Rare Geothermal Springs – Land ID : 1099512958667 – goal is 1.21 per hand