Vel 6:8 NFTs

Welcome to Veles!!!
6:8 NFT Leaderboard!!

1st winner – kzaba.wam
2nd winner – ??
This event is live and back!! Same rewards – happy digging!


The tables below are our NFT leader boards run on Veles 6:8 for the last 2k NFTs.
The total score column incorporates the following weightings  (abundant=1;common=2;rare=3;epic=5;legendary=7;mythical=11)
You can filter by their own wallet id or any of the columns. and sort by everything!!

We invite you to stake with us on Veles and vote for Goodvibes, Nyo_cant and Sharkyto in the upcoming election.
Good vibes to all!!! May your next NFT be Mythical!!

To the next Mythical mined here we will give one Leopold the lucky and One Peak Vibes Music Festival NFT!!

Last 2k NFTs