GVM Lands

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All our lands are under the 2doay.wam wallet – search for it to see them!!

Highlights :

Epic Neri 17:9 Mountains 1% com
Veles 32:19 Icy Desert 0% com
Veles 6:8 Sandy Coastline (best AW NFT odds in game) 0% com – Veles 6:8 NFT Leader Board
Neri 17:2 Icy Desert 0.5% com
Kavian 31:19 Icy Desert 0.5% com


The best lands we have for TLM are the Icy Deserts – the best one would be the one on the biggest staked planet..
The best lands we have for NFTs are the sandy coastline’s on Veles (6:8  and  29:11)
Sandy Coastlines are the best possible NFT odds (all Sandy Coastlines are the same NFT odds, regardless of planet)
This table shows land types and their relative efficiency for TLM and NFTs.

*table by Vulpes (thanks – very good vibes!)

Link to shared google calender for all GVM events