List of Guilds: – check out these communities!!! join them look around, ask questions, meet new people!

Good Vibes Guild – Come join the vibe!! We have an active chat for non guild members about JTG as well! Happy to help new players!

Royal Great Dane – Check out their discord and their guide is great as well for new players!!!


Guilds Described

From Oct 13 2021 :

For now guilds will be a simple mechanic for getting people to strive towards the common goal of leveling their guild (which will increase the member slots). Guilds won’t have any specific benefits over solo players yet, however, after crafting is introduced guilds will have:
– Buildings that will give every guild member bonus stats (which will increase your winrate in dungeons & daily adventures) along with many other bonuses like increase material drop chance, etc
– Guild-only events (such as guild dungeons/raids, etc)
– Guild vs Guild competitions

And much more. Starting to level your guild right away to increase your member limit will be key to dominating later in the game once we release the remaining guild features.

Guilds will have a base limit of 10 members & to upgrade the following image will show you the cost per level:

Along with materials. From level 2 to 4 (so 25 members) it will cost 150 T1 Materials per level.
From 5 to 7 (So 40 members) it will cost 150 T1 Materials + 150 T2 Materials
8 to 10 it will cost 150 T1 + 150 T2 + 150 T3 Materials
11 to 14 it will cost 150 T1 + 150 T2 + 150 T3 + 100 T4
15 to 18 it will cost 150 T1 + 150 T2 + 150 T3 + 100 T4 + 75 T5
19+ it will cost 150 T1 + 150 T2 + 150 T3 + 100 T4 + 75 T5 + 50 T6

The Guild system will have an in-game application system so that you can apply to join guilds without having to do so through text channels, this will make it easier for solo players to finally find a home without having to search for a guild in a text channel.

Further down the line we also want to add a guild conquering system, once we get that far I’ll explain exactly what it is and why it’s going to be so important.

Guild FAQ

Guild Commands:
!guildhelp – Shows the commands below.
!guild – Opens the Guild menu.
!guildjoin – If you’ve received any invites, using this command will make you join the first guild that invited you. (If you wish to join a different one, simply do !guildjoin then !guildquit
!guildquit – Doing this will make you quit your current guild.
!guildinvite @playermention – This command will invite the player you mentioned to join your guild.
!kickmember @playermention – This command will kick the player you mentioned from your guild. To do this you need to be an Officer or the Guild Leader.

As a guild leader you’ll have a ton of different buttons to use such as:
– Guild Discord: This will edit the “Guild Discord” section when your guild members go into the guild menu, you can put your guild discord link here if you want your guild members to join it.
– Guild Logo: You put the logo URL here and it will update the Guild Logo when people go into the Guild menu & when people try to apply to your guild through the ingame applications menu.
– Guild Announcements: Guild announcements is the Text that shows in the main Guild menu.
– Guild Description: Guild description is the text that shows when people are applying to your guild.
– Guild Tax & Player Tax: Guild Tax is what the Tax that will apply to all members while doing adventures, this can be XP & GODT Tax, the deducted taxes will go straight into the guild bank for upgrades. Player Taxes are extra taxes that each individual player may want to set for themselves.

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