Dungeons are team adventures, done in 4-man parties. Dungeons are premium experiences and are so much fun!

You must form a party before you start a dungeon. In dungeons you earn materials, experience, and dungeon coins. Materials are used in crafting and also can be sold in the in-game market for GODT. Dungeon coins are earned (1 coin for each member) when you defeat the boss on each floor. Dungeon coins are usable in the dungeon shop to buy many things including mage packs, starter packs and partner NFTs. 

Party Commands

!partycreate – Will create a party
!partyinvite @ member name – Will invite the member you mention
!partyjoin – Will join the party if you’ve got invited by anyone.
!partyquit – Will quit the party. If you’re the leader the party will be disbanded.
!partystats – Will show the party stats.
!partykick @ member name – Will kick the player you mentioned if he’s in your party.
!partyhelp – Will show all the party commands.

After you’ve formed a 4-man party each individual member needs to buy a Dungeon key in game by either doing !dungeon or going through the in-game menu.

Each member of the party will need a key to enter the dungeon and another key to enter floors 10,20,30,…. every 10 floors.
Each key costs 675 GODT 

Once the party has been formed you can do !startdungeon in your private party chat.

Energy Costs in a Dungeon:
Non Boss Rooms = 5 energy
Boss Rooms = 15 Energy

You can buy Energy potions in the consumables shop if you run out of energy or wait for energy to replenish.

If a member leaves the party or gets kicked the Dungeon will be over!

Dungeon Shops

There are 2 Dungeon Shops:

  • Dungeon Coins Shop (1 coin earned per member per boss room cleared)
    • Starter Packs
    • Mage Packs
    • HatchDragon Dragon Egg NFT
    • “Dungeon Addict” Role + Icon in your name.
  • Dungeon Shop for GODT 
    • You can buy permanent stat boosts inside the dungeon.
    • Increase your HP / INT / AGI / STR / SPEED up to an additional 5% each stat.

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