Link to Street Fighter Leader Board


The Street Fighter Event

Start time: Feb22 @ 17:00 UTC (noon EST)

End Time: Feb 26th @ 22:00 UTC

THIS IS AN EVENT FOR THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! (11 lands to choose from – 16% com)

Join us on discord – follow our events – chat – hang – talk about some music
Good Vibes to All!
Prizes : 1 ultimate pack and 2 standard packs and 290 in wax


PRIZES to top TLM mined over period
1st place gets the ultimate pack
2nd gets 1 standard pack
3rd gets 1 standard pack
4-10th place will get 15 wax
11-20th will get 10 wax each
20-30th will get 5 wax each

This event has real time leader boards!!

LANDS IN THE RACE: (16% com)
Epic Neri Mt. 17:9 Rare Veles Small Island 16:10
Rare Neri Rocky Crater 38:13 Common Veles Grass Coast 6:7
Common Neri Sandy Desert 39:13 Common Veles Inland River 11:4
Common Neri Tree Forest 37:7
Common Neri Dunes 15:11 Kavian EPIC Sandy Desert 20:9
Magnor Rocky Desert 20:9 Kavian Common Icy Desert 25:20

This is an event for advanced players – there are no random prizes. In order to be given any of the prizes for place 1-10 you must get in touch with me on Discord DM. (only if you win! but feel free to say hi)

New policy (this is due to feed back only and is a trial policy) – If your integrity is called into question by others on the leaderboard or our data we will require that you get in touch with us and actually claim the prize. To be clear : if we do not question your integrity, you do not need to tell us anything at all – prizes will go out as listed – but if we do think you are without integrity and we don’t hear from you then you will be removed at the end of contest, leader board redone without you and prizes go out. – good vibes to all – you know if you made it this far this is the contest for you – come play!!!!!