Starcards Dune

The event ends in :

Starcards – Dune!

New Starcards NFT, inspired by Dune – “DUNE” by Victor Zanesco
Lore inspired by Franks Herbert 1965 “Dune”

Start time: Feb 21st @ 18:00 UTC
End time: Feb 25th @ 18:00 UTC

Leader Board

THE SAND IN TIME 🏜⌛️ (Chapter 3)
The 3000 days after the great expansion were the hardest I’ve ever lived in my entire life, during that period many of us left Earth to seek for new opportunities abroad. What we didn’t know was that the space could be a place even worse than the place we once lived in. – “The early days of the royal family” by Princess Ibella
Earth is no more, the DYSTOPIA has taken over and this is the reality, after seeing with my own eyes the simulation that we were living in UTOPIA I couldn’t go back to it ever again.
Despite the difficulties of waking up, feeling the real me, the skin, the flesh, the bones and the sadness, I came to the conclusion that this is the fate I need to embrace.
One ship and we are gone, ***ASCENSION*** taking off and leaving Wallace’s Empire behind.
The Space is the place for the human race, and the exile’s planet, DUNE is my destination and also the same as 1 million empire refugees.
One thing for sure, it won’t be easy to be a Spice miner on that planet… and under the control of one of the worst “human” beings… The Baron…
Here goes my next adventure!

Medium on Starcards Ascension – all the lore, worth the read!!


  • Tool Rules –
    • rarity: max tool epic
    • shine : max shine Stone
  • You will get to do 10 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 10 mines.
  • You can do those 10 mines any time during the day you want. A day in the event is from 18:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC the next day
  • There are 4 days in the event, so total mines = 40
  • Final standings will be based on the total TLM mined

Blasting Zone: (4% com)

    • Icy Desert on Veles 25:20 – Land ID -1099512959972
    • Icy Desert on Naron 18:19 – Land ID – 1099512960915
    • Icy Desert on Eyeke 15:1 – Land ID -1099512960637

Rewards :

1st – 5th – 1 Standard Drill + 1 Dune NFT
6th-25th – 1 Dune NFT
25 Random Miners who do 30/40 total mines will get 1 Dune NFT