starcards Christmas special

The event ends in :

 A StarCards Christmas Special!

Start time: Dec 24th@ 18:00 UTC
End time: Dec 27th @ 18:00 UTC

As a holiday special the 15 miners who get closest to .1225 in one mine without going over
will all receive a special StarCards Holiday pack in their stockings!!! Another random 15 will also get a pack!!

Medium on Holiday Packs – all of the information on them!!
Leader Board


  • The object is to mine as close to .1225 (without going over!)
  • You will get to do 30 mines total – any time you want. We will only look at the closest mine of the 1st 30 attempts.
  • You can mine on any of lands below you like, and you can switch lands.

Blasting Zone: (4% com)

    • Icy Desert on Veles 25:20 – Land ID -1099512959972
    • Icy Desert on Naron 18:19 – Land ID – 1099512960915
    • Icy Desert on Eyeke 15:1 – Land ID -1099512960637

Rewards :

The 15 closest will get a StarCards Holiday pack!!!
A random 15 miners who do all 30 attempts will get a holiday pack as well!!!