red junkie

The Event Ends in:

GVM and Exit Limbo Present : The Red Junkie
The Red Junkie Treasure of 25,000 WAX!

The Red Junkie Treasure
Start time: August 9th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: August 15th @ 18:00 UTC

6 days!! 6 Planets!! 6 Lands!! 66 Attempts!! 25k wax!!

Leader Board

Bullocks slumped onto the floor, the last thing he could see though the stars in his vision was Spritz, maddened by the pain and anger, tearing off the chains with unbelievable ease and charging through the wall like a freight train. Exit Limbo Red Junkie Medium (read the full lore here)

The Red Junkie Treasure Rules:
  • Tool Rules –
    • Max Rarity : Epic
    • Max Shine : Stone
    • No duplicate tools (can not use the same type of tool more than 1 time)
  • You must have at least 1 NFT (of any rarity) of each character in the series in your wallet by the end of the 2nd day of the event. These NFTs are from the lore schema. 1 of each character = 6 total NFTs
    • The characters are:
      • The Red Junkie / Spritz / Prototype 02
      • Prototype 01
      • The Ninja Infiltrator
      • Don Lyzzy
      • Doctor Kalachnikov
      • Bullocks
  • Final standings will be based on the total TLM mined
  • There are 6 days in the event. You will get to do 11 mines a day, for a total of 66 mines. We will only look at the 1st 11 mines each day. A day is from 18:00 UTC one day to the next during the event. If you are doing over 20 mines a day on event lands we will consider you a bot.
  • If during the competition there is any kind of event that makes the amount of TLM mined in a single mine excessively higher compared to the one that would be mined in normal conditions, those mines will be given a value equal to the highest single mine during competition prior to the event.
  • If needed we may decide to pause the event at a time and restart it later.
  • ALL REWARDS MUST BE CLAIMED IN OUR DISCORD – bot check on this will be extreme – you must DM Goodvibesmining on discord to get your rewards
  • We will not be paying any accounts that have botted in the past (24hr mining for days in a row)
  • All 25k wax will be paid no matter what
  • All wallets created in the 10 days prior, that we aren’t aware of, will be flagged and need to get in touch prior to the end
  • All rules are subject to change. Anything we decide is final in terms of flagging accounts.
  • Rewards
    • Based on Final Ranking:
      • 1st – 5,000 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 2nd – 4,500 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 3rd – 4,000 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 4th – 3,000 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 5th – 2,500 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 6th – 2,000 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
      • 7th-10th – 1,000 WAX + 1 Poster NFT
    • Random:
      • Must complete 55/66 mines to qualify.
      • Top 10 are not eligible.
      • 6 Poster NFTs

Blasting zones 18% com :

  • Sandy Desert Kavian 20:9 1099512960306
  • Dormant Volcano Magor 5:10 1099512958646
  • Icy Mountains Naron 36:4 1099512960966
  • Icy Desert Eyeke 26:2 1099512959564
  • Plains Neri 16:14 1099512960527
  • Inland River Veles 29:14 1099512960818

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