NFT Amigos (Nyo & CAV) Event




The Drilling Ends In

NFT Amigos (Nyo & CAV) Presents:

Art Incubator

Start time: April 24th @ 00:00 UTC
End time: April 27th @ 00:00 UTC

60% of the TLM goes to the prize pot + 20% to the artists

Leader Board

Mysterious, colorful sharks have been spotted on a Veles’ river…
Dino packs are running wild on Magor’s jungle…
Strange card-shaped auroras have been reported on a Naron’s icy desert…
And strange, glowing shapes are haunting explorers on Eyeke grasslands!!
Come discover some cool WAX-based collections!
CryptoSharks by Ryya
Hallows Cards by Skiall
Myfirstcards by Cryptide
Japan Stamp by OXO Production

– Ranking will be based on total TLM mined.
– You will get 10 attempts every day.
Daily winners will also get rewards!


Final standings:
1st: 4 NFTs (one from each collection) + 20% of the total TLM pot
2nd: 3 random NFTs from different collections + 15% of the total TLM pot
3rd: 3 random NFTs from different collections + 10% of the total TLM pot
4th-10th: 2 random NFTs from different collections
First miner getting 0.8888 TLM on a single mine will get a surprise mint #88!

Additional rewards will be drawn among all the participants completing 30 (3 x 10) mines:
– 60 NFTs from the event collections
– 5 Standard Capacitors
– 5 Standard Drills
– 3 random winners will get a 2.5% of the total TLM pot

Daily standings:
Each daily winner gets an NFT plus a 2.5% of the total TLM pot!

Lands for the event (k1kaw.wam) / 18% commission:

Grassland – Eyeke – 7:14 – ID: 1099512960629
Inland River – Veles – 11:13 – ID: 1099512958264
Tree Forest – Magor – 27:6 – ID: 1099512961437
Rocky Crater – Naron – 2:9 – ID: 1099512959983


Follow the collections and keep up-to-date about all the news!
CryptoSharks: TelegramTwitter
Hallows Cards: TelegramTwitter
Myfirstcards: Telegram & Twitter
Japan Stamp: Telegram & Twitter