May the fourth

May the 4th is over in :

GOOD VIBES ART, ThaPaintMonkey, and Mayonnaiseandbread PRESENT:

May the fourth be with you!


4 NFTs made for May the fourth!

May the Fourth - Mayo 1
May the 4th Costume Party

by artist Mayonnaiseandbread

Vibe-Con Cosplay
Vibe-Con Cosplay

by artist ThaPaintMonkey

Vibe-Con Cosplay 2
Vibe-Con Cosplay 2

by artist ThaPaintMonkey

5/4 Watch Party
May the 4th Watch Party

by artist Mayonnaiseandbread

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Start time: May 4th @ 00:00:00 UTC
  End time: May 5th @ 00:00:00 UTC

Leader Board

Good Vibes Art May the fourth NFTs feature two artists and their creative take on May the fourth with an AW spin!
One of the NFTs will have a special effect!

ThaPaintMonkey is working on one now on twitch!

We will be ranking by total TLM.
You will get to do 8 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 8 mines on event lands.
You can do those 8 mines any time during the day you want.
There is 1 day in this event so total mines = 8
To qualify for the random NFT’s you must mine at least 8 times out of 8 possible.

1st – 5th – 1 of each NFT + the Special Effect NFT (5 total)
6-20th – 1 of each NFT (4 total)
21st-50th – 1 of 3 of the NFTs (3 total)
50th-100th – 1 of 2 of the NFT (2 total)

For anyone completing all 8 mines – We will be giving out approximately 350 more NFTs
We will be doing a bot check post event, NFTs will go out around May 8th
If you do too many mines the 1 day period, we may consider you a bot – there is no reason to do more than 8

Lands in the event : (20% com)

  • Tree Forest on Veles – 32:12 Land ID – 1099512959696
  • Plains on Veles – 1:9 Land ID – 1099512960949
  • Icy Desert on Naron – 18:19 Land ID – 1099512960915