GVM Team Jam

GVM Team Jam

Start time: June 11th @ 17:00 UTC

End Time: June 11th @ 20:00 UTC
Duration 3hrs

Starts in :


This is a team event! Teams will be made up of 5 players
There is no limit to the number of teams a community can enter


  1. No Shined Tools
  2. Max Tool Rarity = Rare
  3. No repeat tools

To Enter a team please use the form and include :

  1. Team Name
  2. List of all Wallets
  3. Team Captain (Captains will receive the prizes to then give to team) *team capt must be on discord
  4. League Name (Rare League for this one)
  5. Team Captains please also send me a discord direct message

If you are solo and wish to be placed on a team please use the form and add “solo”
Please also add me (Goodvibesmining) on discord as a friend (need that to put you in team chat)

PRIZES to top TLM mined over period:

90% of the events commission will go into the prize pool
1st place team – 40% of the prize pool
2nd place team – 30% of the prize pool
3rd place team – 20% of the prize pool
4th place team – 10% of the prize pool

Blasting Zones : (25% com)

  • Icy Desert on Naron  – 36:17 Land ID – 1099512960725
  • Icy Desert on Neri  – 29:2 Land ID – 1099512959385
  • Icy Desert on Veles  – 31:3 Land ID – 1099512959485
  • Icy Desert on Kavian– 27:2 Land ID – 1099512960918
  • Icy Desert on Eyeke  – 8:2 Land ID – 1099512960739