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NYO and GVM present : Duel of Miners

Start time: Nov 20th @ 21:00 UTC


Are you eagerly waiting for the Thunderdome???

Now you have a chance to enjoy some PvP action with the brand new Duel of Miners. Oh yeah, PvP with mining tools!!

Rules are simple:

– You need to hold a Good Vibes VIP Pass, which you can request here: https://goodvibesmining.com/vip-pass-gvm/. Please remember that passes are non-transferable.
– There’ll be a 5-minute time window for each duel. The schedule will be announced in advance at least 24 hours before the event.
– You need to mine within the assigned 5-minute window for each round. To make things easier, please go to bloks and post the link to your mine on the alien-worlds-pvp channel.
– Only 1 shot/duel! The miner getting the higher TLM amount wins. If a miner fails to mine within the assigned time window, the opponent will advance to the next round.
– Tools: Only 3 Standard Drills. Shine = Stone.
– Land: Icy Desert – Naron 10:19 (ID: 1099512960159)

On Saturday, November 20th at 21:00 UTC. The whole event should take around 90 minutes.

The event will be run on a new brand alien-worlds-pvp channel.

Whoever holds a Good Vibes Mining Pass and wants to give a try to this experiment! There will be 32 seats in this first edition (first come, first served). Please use the form below:

Sign up Doc


1st position – Basic Trilium Detector + 100 TLM
2nd position – Rare beast (Beast Garden) + 75 TLM
3rd-4th position – C2 Active Card (NBM): Air Shielded Filter or Battleships Collection (3rd picks first) + 50 TLM