Dawn of the Goiter

The event ends in : 

The Goiter Presents:

Dawn of the Goiter – A beginner event

Start time: May 8th @ 00:00 UTC
End time: May 10th @ 00:00 UTC

Leader Board


Welcome to the Metaverse!!! We are all The Goiter. Together We Grow 🧿
Come hang out in our Telegram and learn more!! This fun welcome event will give out 125 Standard Capacitors and 40+ Goiter NFTs!!

We will be ranking by total TLM.
Max Tool Rarity = abundant  Max Shine = Stone
You will get to do 10 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 10 mines on event lands.
You can do those 10 mines any time during the day you want. A day in the event is from 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC the next day
There are 2 days in this event so total mines = 20
Rewards :
69% of the commissions from the event go into the reward pot.

Daily event rewards:
1st – 5th – 1% of the reward pot (this specific reward can only be won 1x)

Final event rewards:
1st- 25% of the pot + 1 Goiter Passport Pack – Atomic Link
2nd – 20% of the pot + 1 Dawn of the Goiter NFTs – Atomic Link
3rd – 15% of the pot + 1 Dawn of the Goiter NFTs – Atomic Link
15% of the pot will be randomly given to 3 lucky explorers the complete all 20 mines. (5% each)
125 Standard Capacitors will be randomly given to anyone that complete all 20 mines Atomic Link
40 Dawn of the Goiter NFTs will be given at random to anyone that completes over 16.9 mines! Atomic Link

Rewards will be paid 3 days after event ends due to time needed for bot check.
** ties will be determined by mining time stamps, earliest mine wins

Blasting Zones : (6.9% com)

  • Sandy Desert on Neri   21:13  – 1099512960970
  • Icy Desert on Neri   29:2  – 1099512959385
  • Mushroom Forest on Neri  27:16 – 1099512959011

The Goiter Political Platform:

1. The People’s Voice: Tell us what policies you’d like to see and how you want your Council to govern
2. Lower Commission: Instituting a max commission on Neri with exceptions to be made for landowners who drop additional NFTs
3. Community TLM Pool: A community pool of TLM paid for by a portion of landowner’s commissions, distributed to the active miners of Neri
4. Cooperation: We will work with the cryptomonKeys, GVM, The Magor Collective, The Cabal and all other groups who bring value to the people
5. Fairness in Voting: The Goiter believes that elections should not be bought. We would like to institute a system of diminishing returns for TLM based voting rights. This would put more power where it belongs! In the hands of the everyday miner.

Join The Goiter! This Way to NFTs!