Breaking the Ice


Breaking the Ice
HolySmokes vs Nathan4Naron

The Battle Ends in : 

Start time: April 9th @ 21:00 UTC
End time: April 11th @ 21:00 UTC

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The WAX Pack would like to invite you to our members new lands. We shall Break the Ice on these lands in a classic land vs land battle.
Two lands will be in the showdown. Whichever land at the end has the most TLM will be awarded a larger share.
The top nine miners based on TLM, on EACH land, will receive a portion of the pot.
Will you decide to side with what may be the winners or do you attempt to Crack into the top 9 of the losing land?
Only you can choose your fate. Come, challenge yourself and others in distant lands for a land duel that shall be decided for the 9s on the 9th.

Details :

  • We will rank miners on each land separately based on total TLM.
  • You only have 30 mining attempts. We only look at the 1st 30, the rest do not matter.
  • 75% of total commission goes to rewards
    • 60% of the rewards to winning land players, 40% to the folly of others
    • 1st place on each land gets 25% of that lands reward pool
    • 2nd gets 15%
    • 3rd gets 9%
    • 4th-9th get 4% each
    • 9 random miners get 3% each
  • Wax Pack NFTs will also be sent to the top 9 on each land and to the additional 9 random draws (from 10th-50th) for 27 total
  • 9 Nathan for Naron, to each planet, for random (10th-100th)
  • 3 N4N Blockblumpas will be rewarded as well. 1 to each planet (1-50) and an additional in discord channel during the event
  • Tool Rules: No Shined tools

Blasting Zones : (25% com)

  • Kavian 26:2 Icy Desert HolySmokes. 2wab.wam – Land ID : 1099512959934
  • Naron 20:3 Icy Desert Nathan4Naron xdjay.wam – Land ID : 1099512959592