Series #1

Series 1

Good Vibes Art Series 1 features two artists and their creative take on different characters’ good vibes moments on different AW lands. Series 1 will tie into AW with a land selection for each card. Each artist is creating 6 NFTs for GV Art. There will be 12 NFTs in the Series.

Our epic NFTs will contain a character and a land, many characters enjoying group vibes on an AW land. There will be 12 NFTs in this series.

Peak Vibes Music Festival

Common NFT by ThaPaintMonkey
The bass echoed through the peaks in the mountains of Neri!
It was THE party of 2055!

Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen

Epic NFT by ThaPaintMonkey
A robotic samurai warrior, he centers himself in the forest after a day of battle…

coming soon

Common NFT by Mayonnaiseandbread

coming soon

Epic NFT by Mayonnaiseandbread

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