Trilium Explained Mining/Buying/Selling


Aside from the fun you will have with friends, Trilium might be the second most important aspect of the entire game. Trilium is rewarded to explorers for their mining efforts in the game. You can do multiple things with the token including shine items, heal minions and most importantly stake it to planets in return for governance tokens. Trilium is exchangeable for Wax on the Alcor Exchange and that wax can be used to purchase new items for the game on the Atomic Hub marketplace, or simply exchanged into another cryptocurrency.

When buying or selling on the Alcor exchange please pay attention to a couple of things:

  1. The yellow arrow on the picture above represents the last price Trilium sold for on the market. This number can be entered and used to place a limit order (green arrow) at the current bid.
  2. Market orders (red arrow) are not advised for unexperienced traders.


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