Alien Worlds Whitepaper

The whitepaper for Alien Worlds

Hi! This is Good Vibes!! Well congrats, you clicked on the white paper link!! Personally to me – this is the treasure and you found it!!
Here is a bit from the GoodVibesMining about section on our website :

Our introduction to AW is simple: a mutual friend sent us a link, our interest was piqued, and research led us to the AW white paper. As gamers, we were intrigued and struck by its awesome potential. The universe was designed with complete transparency, a game without secrets. All the mechanisms that enforce control were not enforced by a controlling party, but by the mechanics of the game – something wholly different from what we’d previously experienced; while the Federation does retain some oversight, that process is also transparent. AW is not your typical game driven by a black box shrouded in mystery with more questions than answers.


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