Wax Pack Pi Day

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Event completed


The goal of this special Pi Day event is to mine pi (3.1415)!!
Try to mine as close to pi as possible without going over!!
During this event, you can mine as many times as you like.
We will only count each miner’s single best mine attempt.
Prizes :
1) Everyone who has a 3.1400 – 3.1415 mine is in drawing for Draxos!!!
2) We will rank everyone based on how close to pi each mine is
(Closest to Pi during event without going over!)
The miner with the closest mine to pi wins : 3.14 Wax,
an Apple Pie NFT, and a Wise Ancient One + 50% of pot.
2nd – 5th closest to it will win on random draw either:


1) Exogloves
2) Basic trillium detector
3) Gold Shined Drill mint#314
4) 3.14 Wax + 25% of pot
pot will be 80% of collected com
6th-30th place will be eligible on 10 random draws for 7 (non-tool) common NFTs,
an Apple pie NTF, 3.14 WAX, or 25% of Pot
** ties will be determined by mining time stamps, earliest mine wins


Blasting Zones : (20% com)

  • Kavian Icy Dessert – 26:2
  • Kavian Methan Swampland – 13:4
  • Neri Dunes – 15:11
  • Neri Rocky Crater – 4:13
  • Neri Mountains – 17:9
  • Veles Plains – 1:9
  • Veles Sandy Coastline – 6:8