Shovel Showoff!!

The Event Ends in  : 

NYO & GVM Present : Shovel Showoff!!
(you must have a Good Vibes VIP Pass to participate)


Start time: Sep 7th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: Sep 12th @ 18:00 UTC

Event info

Rewards :

1 grbrk.wam Large Explosive
2 wezc.wam Basic Explosive
3 ap4ea.wam Basic Explosive
4 1m5ba.wam Large Explosive
5 ohlrg.wam Standard Drill
6 p5mc4.wam Standard Drill
7 tkmre.wam Standard Drill
8 qsvri.wam Standard Drill
9 ozpbc.wam Standard Drill
10 aknu4.wam Standard Drill
11 ylcqy.wam Standard Drill
12 ompra.wam Standard Drill
13 kgtc2.wam Standard Drill
14 vdiay.wam Standard Drill
15 kbmb.wam Standard Drill
16 id5qw.wam Standard Drill
17 dtstc.wam Standard Drill
18 idxqw.wam Standard Drill
19 rtit4.wam Standard Drill
20 os2ro.wam Standard Drill

Random winners –
qxsra.wam Wax Warrior
1bass.wam Topps Pack
5gjc2.wam Blumpa
iukds.wam Cryptomedal
qrzga.wam Goiter
.q1rk.wam Wax Warrior
wpmaw.wam Topps Pack
aneb2.wam Blumpa
odes2.wam Cryptomedal
5o.uq.wam Goiter
tzgru.wam Wax Warrior
kxxra.wam Topps Pack
5nov.wam Blumpa
agirc.wam Cryptomedal
orkb.wam Goiter
4sgry.wam Wax Warrior
hgubg.wam Topps Pack
xtnr2.wam Blumpa
cnbws.wam Cryptomedal
vlnrm.wam Goiter
upfgm.wam Wax Warrior
rspbc.wam Topps Pack
cv1qu.wam Blumpa
nqfr4.wam Cryptomedal
udyaw.wam Goiter
jk3aw.wam Blumpa
liqbu.wam Topps Pack
ecdbe.wam Blumpa
q1krk.wam Cryptomedal
wwiem.wam Goiter
k1kaw.wam Wax Warrior
xd5b2.wam Topps Pack
s2ovs.wam Blumpa
ng5ri.wam Cryptomedal
whpwc.wam Goiter
qyhvm.wam Wax Warrior
in4by.wam Topps Pack
sucb.wam Blumpa
ineek.wam Cryptomedal
yr3vk.wam Goiter
3fxdy.wam Topps Pack
ntgri.wam Topps Pack



Blasting Zones: (25% com)  – we are going to rebate back 30% of COM paid at the end via transfer

  • Icy Desert on Naron  – 36:17 Land ID – 1099512960725
  • Icy Desert on Neri  – 29:2 Land ID – 1099512959385
  • Icy Desert on Veles  – 31:3 Land ID – 1099512959485
  • Icy Desert on Kavian– 27:2 Land ID – 1099512960918
  • Icy Desert on Eyeke  – 8:2 Land ID – 1099512960739
  • You must have a Good Vibes VIP Pass to participate – to get one please fill out
  • Tool Rules –
    • You can only use one shovel!!!
    • shine : max shine Stone
  • You will get to do 15 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 15 mines.
  • You can do those 15 mines any time during the day you want. A day in the event is from 18:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC the next day
  • There are 5 days in the event, so total mines = 75
  • Final standings will be based on the total TLM mined
  • If during the competition there is any kind of event that makes the amount of TLM mined in a single mine excessively higher compared to the one that would be mined in normal conditions, those mines will be given a value equal to the highest single mine during competition prior to the event.