Join Discord

JTG is a Discord based game. In order to play you will need to join discord.

  1. Download Discord
  2. You should claim your account by verifying your email address. This will ensure that you keep your username and Discriminator (those four digits next to your user name) . It’s especially important especially after you’ve linked your discord account to your wallet in JTG, as well as remembering all the servers you’ve joined!
  3. You should also verify your phone number, this is needed to play JTG.
    1. To start the phone verification process, head into your My Account tab in your User Settings. Then press the Add button right beside the Phone Number section!
    2. Once pressed, you’ll be able to directly enter your phone and then press “Send” once you’ve typed in your number! (Note: Make sure to select the correct country code!)
    3. You’ll then receive a text message to your mobile device which will have a 6 digit code! When you receive the code, type those 6 digits into the menu!
    4. Last but not least, to confirm your changes, you’ll need to type the password to your account, and then press the Confirm button. And then your phone number will be officially verified to your Discord account!

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