JTG Guide

This is a project by Good Vibes Mining and Reyliable!! – this project is meant to help new players get started and advanced players find knowledge! This is community made!!

Getting Started!!

The step by step guide below will get you started in your journey!! JTG is on the Wax blockchain. This will walk you through setting up a wax cloud wallet.

  1. Create Wax Account
  2. Get CPU/RAM/NET for your wax account
  3. Join Discord (for new discord users / includes how to verify phone number on discord which is needed for JTG + accounts must be 10 days old)
  4. Getting some Weapons and Armor (JTG NFTs)
  5. Join the JTG Discord and get verified
  6. Detailed walk through on how to play!! This doc is a must read! All commands / functions / stats info etc


JTG Whitepaper – A must read!!!

Adventures – A how to!

Alcor Links – Where you can trade GODT for WAX and GOVT


Atomic Links – Where you can buy and sell JTG NFTs

JTG Collection Page
Weapon NFTs on Atomic
Armor NFTs on Atomic

Blending (Refining)

Depositing GODT or GOVT – how to move from wallet to game


Guilds – Explained and a list of active guilds

NFTs –

Reyliable’s Recommendations – A spread sheet with different recommended armor and weapon combos and some stats

Materials Market Summary – where you can sell all the materials at one time, and look by tier and type

Packs – What is in the JTG Packs and how to open them!!!

Stats Explained