TGIF Event Info


TGIF Event!
Real time leader boards beta test!

Prizes : 2 St. Fighter unopened standard packs and 500 wax in prizes

All Prizes given out at random
(see details below)


Start time: Feb 19th @ 22:00 UTC (5pm EST)

End Time: Feb 20th @ 22:00 UTC
Duration 24hrs – google calen invite in our discord –
will download times in your local time zone

Join us on discord – follow our events – chat – hang – talk about some music – good vibes to all!

Prizes : 1 out of 10 of the top 500 miners with over 8 mining attempts will get 10 wax!!!
At the end of the event a random number will be picked, If the number is 5, then numbers
5,15,25,35 until 505 will all get 10 wax. The random number will be the last digit of the total
number of mine attempts during the event!
St. Fighter packs to : Who ever places the last three digits of the total mine attempts gets one
the place after that winner gets the other

LANDS IN THE RACE: (15% com)
Rare Neri Rocky Crater 38:13
Epic Neri Mountiains 17:9
Epic Kavian Sandy Desert 20:9
Rare Veles Small Island 16:10


This is an event for anyone – only requirement to be entered in the random draw is to mine 8 times.

Our leader board will be online and will update every 6 minutes. We are 99.9% confident in our data (love data vibes) – but we need to test our servers!!
If our leader board crashes it impacts nothing for the event and we will post updates at least every 30mins in our discord as we do now.

If we do not hear from the St. Fighter pack winners within 24 hrs we will then pick the next person who would have won as the winner.

New policy (this is due to feed back only and is a trial policy) – If your integrity is called into quetion by others on the leader borad or our data we will require that you get in touch with us and actually claim the prize. To be clear : if we do not question your integrity, you do not need to tell us anything at all – prizes will go out as listed – but if we do think you are without integreity and we don’t hear from you then you will be removed at the end of contest, leader board redone without you and prizes go out. – good vibes to all -if you made it this far – come party with us this fri!!!!!