To Drill or not to Drill Event

Let the Drilling Begin in  : 

NYO_CANT Presents:

To Drill or not to Drill Event

Start time: April 23rd @ 20:30 UTC
Zoom with Artist Victor Zanesco @ 21:00 UTC
End time: April 23rd @ 23:00 UTC

There are rumors of a 3-drill gang getting more and more power in the AW metaverse! They say 3 drills are unbeatable and many people enjoy the thrill of a drill, of course. But, are drills the way to go? Or can they be beaten??

– Every player MUST equip 3 Abundant tools
– Max 9 (3²) attempts per day
– 3 day-event

– The top 3 (final standings) will share a 66.66% of the total TLM pot
– Daily winners will share the other 33.33% of the total TLM pot (each daily winner = 11.11% of the pot)
– 25 Standard Capacitors given randomly to anyone who does all 27 mines


Blasting Zones : (16% com)

  • Rare Small Island on Veles on Veles – 16:10 Land ID – 1099512959820
  • Common Sandy Coastline on Veles – 29:11 Land ID – 1099512958181
  • Epic Rocky Desert on Veles – 22:17 Land ID – 1099512959258
  • Rewards will be distributed 2-3 days post event after the bot check is complete.

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