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The Red Wizard: The Journey Begins

Start time: March 25th @ 17:00 UTC
End time: March 25th @ 19:00 UTC

As the forces of darkness draw ever nearer and planet Magor begins to fall…. The red wizard sets out on his journey to find his 3 champions, as he travels he must find 3 magical gems to summon his grand champions!!!

Can you help the wizard on his quest to save Magor and summon the only chance of survival the dwarfs have left???
Closest to mine 3.0 TLM in one mine will be greatly rewarded!!!

Rules :
We will rank everyone based on how close to 3.0 each mine is
The miner with the closest mine to 3.0 will be ranked first
In this event you can be over or under 3.0 (3.0001 would be the same as 2.9999)
We will only look at your closest mine to 3.0 all others will not matter

Prizes :
1st – 8th 1 Rare Red Wizard NFT
9th – 16th 1 Common Red Wizard NFT
Over 17th – 15% will get a Common totally random + 8 random Rare Red Wizard will also be give out randomly

Lands in the event : (0% com)

  • Active Volcano on Magor – 30:13 Land ID – 1099512961312
  • Sandy Desert on Magor – 19:10 Land ID – 1099512958763

The Trials,Tribulations and on-going Saga of the Champion of Magor, The Red Wizard
The Red Wizard, the last of a mythical royal bloodline, long since lost to the sands of time, forever entwined to the majestic, yet brutal, planet of Magor. Thrice sworn and ever burdened to protect the Dwarves against the insidious evil that perpetually tries to lay claim to the 6 planets of the Meta-verse.
Currently there is much anquish amongst the good Dwarves as after the ferocious Battle of Magor, wherein at last and finally he vanquished the prime evil known as Drenfall. He promptly vanished, perhaps into the same void to which he had banished Drenfall.

From where did this force for good and Champion of the Dwarves come? His saga started many planetary orbits ago: Where he was first known as Malgon, a lowly dwarf mining the precious Trillium to forge the always needed armour and weapons. A vision came upon him promptly and unexpectedly one day. A vision to reach the core of Magor to find his true self and his true destiny.
After weeks of mining and digging he finally reached the core,weary to the bone,doubting his sanity and by now forsaken by even his closest kin who refused to believe his insane visions. A final weary blow broke through the flint hard Magor rock and Malgon was engulfed in a cloying red mist where a voice,powerful yet tranquil, whispered to him calming his fears and reassuring him that his destiny had just begun.

When the mist cleared he emerged as the mighty Red Wizard, defender of Magor and all beings that dwell within the realm.As the newly born again wizard rose and travelled back out to the surface of his beloved homeworld he knew that darkness once again loomed. He knew he was not yet a match for the evil that would lay claim to everything in its path. Decisive of purpose and firm of resolve he wasted no time in setting out to find his lost grand champions to aid his battle against darkness once again. His journey was not an easy one as his path was full of riddles and trials. He knew that to find the right path without his jewels he would need to call upon the mighty dwarves to aid his quest for the champions. Now they make ready their armour and weapons. For when the wizard returns;the true battle of light and dark would then,as had always been foretold, take place.

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