New Recruit Training

Training ends in  : 

Good Vibes Academy Presents : New Recruit Training

Start time: June 11th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: June 13th @ 18:00 UTC
This Event is recurring every weekend at the same time!

Leader Board

Have you been dropped onto a planet in the middle of nowhere with just a shovel? Are you
earning just the smallest fraction of a TLM each time you mine? Then pack up your rig and
head over to the Dormant Volcano on Magor at coordinates 5:10 for a 2-day mining event where
you can win capacitors and TLM!

The Good Vibes Academy is a new division of GVM focused on helping new explorers get their start in the Metaverse! Join the Academy!

  • Tool rarity: abundant only
  • No Repeat tools – every tool must be different
  • You will get to do 10 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 10 mines.
  • You can do those 10 mines any time during the day you want. A day in the event is from 18:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC the next day
  • There are 2 days in the event, so total mines = 20
  • Final standings will be based on the total TLM mined (Day 1 + Day 2).


  • 100% of the commissions will go to the reward pot
  • Top 50 get a capactior
  • 1st – 25% of the pot
  • 2nd – 20% of the pot
  • 3rd – 15% of the pot
  • 4th – 10% of the pot
  • 5th – 5% of the pot
  • 6th-10th – 2.5% of the pot
  • Random 10 miners get 1.25% of the pot each


Blasting Zones : (20% com)

  • Dormant Volcano on Magor  – 5:10 Land ID – 1099512958646  *we chose Dormant Volcano because it is CPU friendly