New Explorers Hunt!

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Space Explorers Review | Board Game Quest

GVM, SHARKYTO and NYO Present:

New Explorers Wax Hunt!

Start time: May 28th @ 17:00 UTC
End time: June 1st @ 17:00 UTC

Leader Board

As new explorers arrived in the metaverse they were rewarded with wax to help with staking and drills!! Everyone needs a drill!!

 30 standard drills
2410  WAX to help with staking

For new explorers: The Good Vibes Academy is a new division of GVM focused on helping new explorers get their start in the Metaverse! Join the Academy!


– Max Tool Rarity = abundant – any mines with tools over abundant will be ignored
– Max Shine = stone
– Ranking will be based on total TLM mined.
– You will get 15 attempts every day.
– There are 4 days, so 60 total attempts
– Days start and end at 17:00 UTC


Based on Daily standings:
1st – 5th : 1 Standard Drill *can only win this specific reward 1x in the event

Based on Final standings:
1st: 50 wax
2nd: 40 wax
3nd: 30 wax
4th-10th: 20 wax
11th-20th : 15 wax
10 Standard Drills will be given at random to anyone who completes 60 of the 60 total attempts
200 wallets will receive 10 wax each, a gift from the metaverse to help with staking! You must clear our bot check, and do 50/60 mines.

Lands for the event – 14% commission:

Icy Desert on Naron  35:17 ID: 1099512959887
Icy Desert on Neri 25:1 ID: 1099512959279
Icy Desert on Kavian  34:3 ID: 1099512960873

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