Digging for Blackjack


The last hand ends in: 

Digging for Blackjack
Start time: March 21st @ 14:10 UTC
End time:   March 21st @ 18:10 UTC

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We will be in the WAX-Pack channel

The goal of this event is to get as close to 2.100 TLM total per hour w/o going bust!!
The event will be divided into 4 hands (each 1 hr long).
For each hand you can keep mining until you want to stop, but if you go over 2.1TLM total mined (Total TLM per hour)… you lose that hand
This is going to be an event where you want to use a shovel!!!
Prizes :
1) Everyone who has a mine total of 2.079 – 2.100 each hour is in a drawing for Draxos!!!
2) We will rank everyone based on how close to 2.1 each mine is
(Closest to 2.100 during the hour without going over!)
3) The miner with the closest mine to 2.100 for each hand wins:
2.1 Wax and a “moon” based WAX Pack NFT
4) The top 13 each round will all be added together to form a deck of 52. From these 52 we will draw “cards” to see who will win

21 AW prizes:
Exogloves.   x4
Basic trillium detector.  x4
2.1 Wax  x2
Gold Shined Shovel (for the true gold digger!)
10 common AW NFTs (non-tool)

We will be sending out our new WAX Pack NFTs as well to these lucky 52!
** ties will be determined by mining time stamps, earliest mine wins


Blasting Zones : (5% com)

  • Veles Plains – 1:9
  • Veles Sandy Coastline – 29:11
  • Kavian Icy Desert – 26:2