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GVM Presents : Clashdome Citizen Event!!!

Start time: Oct 28th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: Nov 1st @ 18:00 UTC

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Medium article on the upcoming citizen drop

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In honor of the new Citizens and with the help of Clashdome we have 3 Ubernorm and 6 Pleb Tanks as rewards!!!

  • Tool Rules –
    • None
  • You will get to do 12 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 12 mines.
  • You can do those 12 mines any time during the day you want. A day in the event is from 18:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC the next day
  • There are 4 days in the event, so total mines = 48
  • Final standings will be based on the total TLM mined
  • If during the competition there is any kind of event that makes the amount of TLM mined in a single mine excessively higher compared to the one that would be mined in normal conditions, those mines will be given a value equal to the highest single mine during competition prior to the event.
  • 1st and 2nd – 1 Ubernorm Tank
  • 3rd – 5th – 1 Pleb Tank
  • 6-10th – 1 Standard Drill
  • 1 Random miner who completes all mines will get 1 Ubernorm Tank
  • 2 Random miners who complete all mines will get 1 Pleb Tank
  • 5 Random miners who complete all mines will get 1 Standard Drill

Blasting Zones Advanced: (4% com)

  • Icy Desert on Kavian – 22:2 Land ID – 1099512959662
  • Mountains on Magor – 5:13 Land ID – 1099512958291
  • Icy Desert on Naron – 13:3 Land ID – 1099512960449

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