The Art Party Drop

The Music Ends in :




» Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen NFT
» Peak Vibes Music Festival NFT

Start time: March 26th @ 00:00:00 UTC
End time:   March 30th @ 00:00:00 UTC


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Good Vibes Art Series 1 features two artists and their creative take on different characters’ good vibes moments on different AW lands. Series 1 will tie into AW with a land selection for each card. Each artist is creating 6 NFTs for GV Art. There will be 12 NFTs in the Series.

Our epic NFTs will contain a character and a land, our common NFTs will contain many characters enjoying group vibes on an AW land. There will be 12 NFTs in this series.

Check out our Artists Page to stay on top of all things GV Art!

Our first two NFTs of this series feature original artwork by ThaPaintMonkey. We love his vibes and we’re sure you will too!! During this event, ThaPaintMonkey will also be creating his third NFT for GV Art live on twitch.

  • Follow ThaPaintMonkey on twitch his stream is amazing! He has been on twtich for 3 years – to GV Art this stream itself is performance art. It is a great vibe to watch someone create art and to see it go from sketch and end with detailed computer graphics.
  • Ask ThaPaintMonkey and he will tell you –  “I was born with a brush in my hand”
  • Check out ThaPaintMonkey’s instagram
In the next weeks we will be releasing art from mayonnaiseandbread as well!
This project is run by Good Vibes Tommy. Tommy is a huge art and music lover and an avid collector of concert posters.
Good Vibes Art is based on a love of art and the feelings we get (the vibes) from different artists.
Our partner artists all receive direct compensation for their art as well as a percentage ownership of their NFTs. GV Art has close relationships with our artists: we love them all and this journey has brought us even closer together. We will be adding even more artists in the future!!


Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen

Epic NFT

A robotic samurai warrior, he centers himself in the forest after a day of battle…
The Vibe-o-tron Soldier sits in the full lotus position with his hands in traditional mudras positions.


Peak Vibes Music Festival

Common NFT

The bass echoed through the peaks in the mountains of Neri! It was THE party of 2055!


We will be ranking by total TLM.
You will get to do 8 mines per day. We will only look at 1st 8 mines on event lands.
You can do those 8 mines any time during the day you want.
There are 4 days in this event so total mines = 32
To qualify for the random NFT’s you must mine at least 24 times out of 32 possible.

1 Peak Vibes Music Festival NFT each day to 5 lucky miners (must mine 8 times that day)

1st – 5th place get 1 Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen (Epic)
6th – 10th place get 1 Peak Vibes Music Festival NFT (Common)
40 Peak Vibes Music Festival NFT (Common) will be given randomly to anyone that does 24/32 possible mines
5  Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen (Epic) will be give out randomly to anyone that does 24/32 possible mines

Additional rewards:
1st – 4th place – 1 Bitcoin Origin 1MB Block (M4)
5th – 8th place – 1 Standard Pack Street Fighter
9th – 14th place – 1 Kogs Booster Pack

Lands in the event : (20% com)

  • Epic Mountains on Neri – 17:9 Land ID – 1099512961280
  • Epic Sandy Desert on Kavian – 20:9 Land ID – 1099512960306
  • Rare Rocky Crater on Neri – 4:13 Land ID – 1099512961190
  • Rare Plains on Veles – 1:9 Land ID – 1099512960949
  • Rare Rocky Crater on Neri – 38:13 Land ID – 1099512960634
  • Rare Small Island on Veles – 16:10 Land ID – 1099512959820
  • Rare Rocky Coastline on Veles – 20:5 Land ID – 1099512959394
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