A Beginner’s Trip

The Trip is over in 


A Beginner’s Trip!

Leader Board

Start time: April 27th @ 18:00 UTC
End time: April 30th @ 18:00 UTC

The mushroom forest was inviting and clam – new explorers came in waves!
As they took in all the forest had to offer their trip into the metaverse began….
The forest, the force of the metaverse, offered them NFTs to help…

200 standard capacitors, 50 standard drills
9 Exit Limbo NFTs, 3 MLB Topps Promo packs
2 Trilium Detectors and 1 Power extractor


– Max Tool Rarity = abundant – any mines with tools over abundant will be ignored
– Max Shine = stone

– Ranking will be based on total TLM mined.
– You will get 15 attempts every day.
– There are 3 days, so 45 total attempts
– Days start and end at 18:00 UTC


Based on Daily standings:
1st – 5th : 1 Standard Drill *can only win this specific reward 1x in the event
3 random winners daily get a Rare Exit Limbo NFT
1 random winner daily gets a tops promo pack MLB

Based on Final standings:
1st: Power Extractor
2nd: Basic Trilium Detector
3nd: Basic Trilium Detector
4th-10th: 1 standard drill
200 Standard Caps will be given at random to anyone who completes 45 of the 45 total attempts
50 Standard Drills will be given at random to anyone who completes 45 of the 45 total attempts

Lands for the event – 8% commission:

Mushroom Forest on Neri  – 27:16
ID: 1099512959011

Mushroom Forest on Eyeke  – 26:5
ID: 1099512960900

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