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Special Events

Starcards – Dune – finished

AMA Replays on Wax Gamer

CAT’S WORLD!! New BSC Project
Exit Limbo and GVM Discuss The Red Junkie Event!
Talking Alien Worlds With The Goiter and Man From NFT Shares
Catching up with John and Richie from Ultra Rare
Catching up with Atomic Assets Co Creator Jona
Catching up  with AW Creator Michael Yeates May 13 2021
AMA with Bonz from R-Planet
Alien Worlds Creator Michael Yeates Updates Explorers on the Metaverse
Victor Zanesko from Star Cards talks about his amazing NFTS


A StarCards Christmas Special!
NYO and GVM present : Duel of Miners
Ground Nation Presents : 6 Days of Racing
Promo Planet Presents: Black Jack!!
GVM Presents : Clashdome Citizen Event!!!
Art By Huddo Presents: Precision Mining!
NYO & GVM Present : Shovel Showoff!!
Art By Huddo Presents: The ART Token Event!!
GVM and Exit Limbo Present : The Red Junkie Treasure
Art By Huddo Presents: The Blokheds Party!!
Good Vibes Academy Presents : New Recruit Training
The Good Vibes Board 
Art By Huddo Presents: Warriors War
GVM Presents : From the Vaults!!
SHARKYTO & NFD Present : Galactic Boss2!
GVM Presents : Icy Deserts!
Art By Huddo Presents : Angry Adam!!
Veles Sandy Coastline 6:8 (0% com) NFT Leaderboards
Art By Huddo – NFT event featuring the wax warriors
MrTree420 Presents : The 42o do over event!
GVM Presents : The Professionals Return
SHARKYTO & NFD Present : Galactic Boss!
Prime Vibes New Players Edition #0.300
Prime Vibes #2 Super Skill based event
GVM, Sharkyto & Nyo Present: Master Blaster (Pro and Rookie!)
GVM, SHARKYTO and NYO Present: New Explorers Wax Hunt!
Sharkyto and Fungible Farm presents : Honey!
Art By Huddo Presents: Wax Warriors Return
The Goiter Presents: Goiter 69-apalooza
Sharkyto presents : CPU SKYROCKET!
The Wax Pack Presents: Blackjack
Art Incubator 2
Ancient War!
Speed Challenge
Dawn of the Goiter
The Karen Conundrum Part I – Attack of the WAXbits – Live now
May the fourth be with you!
Space Gold Diggers
An Indian Welcome
Save the Colony (Fun event for all including beginners)
A Beginner’s Trip!
The Professionals!
Art Incubator (Random + Skill Rewards!)
AMA with AW Creator Michael Yeates
Prime Vibes #13   –  Paused for change
The Gamble (Extreme Advanced Event)
There can be only one… Winner takes all! (Skill based event)
Wax Warrior (Random + skill + NFTs from Art by Huddo)
Back Stage Access NFTs from Starcards + AMA with Artist Victor Zanesco
Black Jack Monthly Event (Precision Mining Event)
The TLM Hunt (Skill based event)
Just a half please (a beginner 4/20 event)
White widow (an advanced 4/20 event)
Mountain Blasting!!! TLM rewards event
Atomic API Challenge
Boys of Summer – NFTs from the The Sandlot Movie!!! – Zoom with the team behind the project starts 15m after the event start!!! 
Welcome to the metaverse!!!
Breaking the Ice presented by THE WAX PACK!
GOOD VIBES MINING 与 肥熊 联合主办::   挖矿达人秀
The NFT Hunt
Team Weds Rare League – Icy Desert Event
Team Weds Common League – Tree Forest Event
Art Party Drop – Good Vibes Art’s 1st NFTs
The Red Wizard: The Journey Begins
Digging for Blackjack!!   From the Wax Pack
Uplift Land Rush – New Artist Event
BASS BLASTS with Bassmint Chico featuring 34 NFTs from Exit Limbo!!!
Get Your Pie Day! The 1st event presented by THE WAX PACK!!!
The Morning Blast – Joint event with Alien Army, The Cabal and Alien Fan Art!! (just 1 mine per day for 2 days – that’s all that counts)
Team Challenge (Teams of 6 – Starts Tue March 9th) – In conjunction with the Alien Army
Waiting is the hardest part   (NFTs from @morty)
Team Event – Thursday Night Jams
Team Event – GVM Invitational
Crater Fest
Street Fighter Event
R Planet Interval Style (completed)