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All Lands Mining Stats

Total Mines
Total TLM Mined
TLM to Miners
TLM to Landowners
All totals for the prev. 24 hours - last updated: 2021-06-13 01:30:35Z

This is a great table to see commissions and pick a place to mine.
If you are only going for the lowest commissions :
You can search by the land type you would like and planet in the search box “Magor Active” will show all Active Volcano’s on Magor.
Then sort by the lowest commission “Com%” column.
Then in the columns off to the right are the average, maximum, and minimum % commission for the land for the last 24 hrs. If those numbers are not all the same it means that the com% on the land has been changed recently, and possibly it will again.

If you are looking for cool lands where NFT’s are dropping we suggest
Our our Discord has a channel called “not-gvm-promotions” with a lot of cool drops and events.
The Main AW Discord has a great amount of events as well, there is an outline of their discord on the front page of the AW guide.
A lot of communities also do their own NFT drops, here is a list of some to check out. Communities

Happy Mining!! GVM

*to be added to the community page or to be able to post events in our discord please reach out to an admin