Data Vibes Lands

GVM and nyo_cant (k1kaw.wam) present

Data Vibes Lands


The data on this these leader boards are based on the last 5,000 mine attempts on all data vibes lands.
We suggest putting your wallet in and searching the data tables below for your ID.
This page will take a while to load for everyone – its stacked w/ ton of data – but if you are here that should be what you want.
If you need more data or want to talk about this pls DM me on discord – good vibes to all!!!

Eyeke Grassland 7:14
Magnor Rocky Coastline 21:19
Kavian Icy Desert 33:17
Kavian Rocky Desert 22:6
Neri Dunes 32:11
Veles Icy Desert 22:2
Veles Sandy Coastline 29:11
Naron Icy Desert 24:20


Last 500 NFTs from data vibes lands