Dwelling high in the trees by the humid, dank beaches of Florida. Tha adventurous monkey can be found scribbling or splatting lines, shapes and color everywhere he jumps. ThaPaintMonkey is a traditional and digital artist with 20 years in 2D animation, comic books, illustration, toy design, mural design and scenic prop painting. Monkey's an art and Music junkie always trying to inspire high vibrational and productive vibes with the two mediums to encourage all to Live for the love of creating. Currently collaboratively growing unique NFT Art with Good Vibes Art to help spread our unique vibe to the universe.
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Peak Vibes Music Festival

Common NFT
The bass echoed through the peaks in the mountains of Neri!
It was THE party of 2055!

Vibe-o-tron Moment of Zen

Epic NFT
A robotic samurai warrior, he centers himself in the forest after a day of battle…

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