Getting Started


In order to play Alien Worlds you will need a WAX Cloud Wallet. After you sign up for your WAX cloud wallet, you then head over to and select play now to login.

Adding a 2 factor authenticator is advised if you plan to spend money within the game. In order to add 2fa follow the instructions provided on the WAX Wallet interface. Please also take the time to make sure your email or what ever you are associating with the 2FA is also backed up. (If you are using google your google account should have a back up email, a phone number, and a security question) This is just advice – please do more research. 

Upon starting the game you will be given a shovel and an avatar to begin not only your hunt for Trilium, but also a journey into a metaverse where amazing bonds and friendships will be made! You might have to login and logout a few times while waiting for your account to be minted on the blockchain and receive your initial items as well.

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