Meeting new people, making new friends and being a part of a community is what we love the most about this metaverse. The friendly atmospheres have  created real bonds and amazing relationships. Here are a list of these of these amazing places! Stop in say hi, there are many different ones!

88 Mining Discord – New Explorer fun and friendly community with regular events!

Alien Art Discord– Stop in and say hello to David Lee, check out and win amazing art from many different artists in a relaxed/helpful atmosphere.

Alien Army Telegram– An amazing group of happy fun loving people. Quests / NFTs / and so much more!

Alpaca Worlds Telegram – Join our alpaca in his quest to find Apu’s daughter around the world.

Anyobservation Telegram Discord– All the Crypto Fun Stuff! One of the original communities! Caring, Fun, Progressive, Great Music and Amazing Art.

BlueMoon Discord – They do Daily Events and Giveaways, So head over to BlueMoon to participate!!

CryptomonKeys – Meet the cryptomonKeys community on Neri and find new friends

Dayak Tribe Telegram –  The name given by the colonizers to the inhabitants of the interior of the island of Borneo who inhabited the island of Borneo!

Degen Mountain Discord – Have a chat with our small Community of miners focused on helping each other learn and grow till we reach the very top!

Exit Limbo Telegram – NFT art and music project based on their beat ’em up videogame! This unique project combines music, art, and gaming. A must see!

Fox Squad– Join the Fox Squad ! Small / Big / Cute / Tall everyone is welcomed. We have cookies :3

The Goiter – Join the first Political Party in AlienWorlds dedicated to giving back to the people and providing more NFTs! Together We Grow!

Good Vibes Mining Discord – Stop in and partake in the vibe! Fun, Music, and Friendships!

Gorn Hegemony Discord – A decentralised interstellar state governed by a democratically elected council. The mission of Gorn is to build an interstellar blockchain state of trade and entrepreneurship.
KinderMiners– Do you believe giving back to the community with compassion and value will create long term synergy? This is the place for you!!

Kryptic Crypto Telegram– Cryptic Crypto *OFFICIAL* Telegram for HiveMind NFTs! Eat. Sleep. NFT. Repeat!

The Lost Mine Discord – The first French community around blockchain games

OP Miners Inc – Community filled with careful analysis and reckless explosions.

Peace DAC – It is hard to find people who are as kind and caring as those at Peace DAC. The Vibes here are great

Primate Prospectors – New-miner-friendly community with open ended contests. Win rewards in AlienWorlds NFTs, and more, plus exclusive member collections!

Rusty Mōntains – @davidElvion is creating content with an amazing vibe!! His field notes+ pictures are out of this world!!

Snakey Community Discord – A group of miners who share land-ownership using Smart Contracts and so much more!!

Shoot the Moon Community Discord – A great and healthy community for miners where they can go have fun, share thoughts and earn more.

Starcards – Like going backstage at a concert! Get a look into the mind of the artist of this jamming project! Amazing community for music lovers.

TiDBYTS Discord – Come join the fearless DuckDuckMoos in their attempt to survive the harsh Magor terrain!

Watch @turkarydarcan on twitch – this is so much fun! great vibes! good music! Live Video!

WAX Gamer– Alien Worlds news and how-to videos on YouTube

*If you are a community and wish to be added to this list please contact GVM or David Lee. All are welcome.


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