Choosing a land to mine on

How do you know that you’re paying the lowest commission in the game? Lucky for us Datavibes has an easily searchable index of lands that shows the commission price on each land as well.

Let’s say for example you want to mine Trilium on an Icy Desert on Naron. You would simply type ‘icy desert naron’ into the search box (red box above). Lastly click the ‘Com %’ header (yellow box above) at the top of the table to sort results. Now what you see is every Icy Desert on Naron sorted by commission rate!

Note: Some landowners charge higher commission rates than others for various reasons, including exclusive NFT drops. Check each community for details.

Planet Stake: That information can be found at While a higher staked planet may be appealing it also matters how many people are mining there.

NFT Mining: In the chart by Vulpes Sandy Coastline’s are the most efficient land for NFTs. What this means is that on any Sandy Coastline on any planet with the same tools you have the best odds in the metaverse of getting AW’s NFTs per mine attempt. Please look at the chart by Vulpes below.

if your are on a quest for NFTs. But you must also weigh the commissions being paid and different recharge times and how they fit into your schedule. Different lands are good at different times. There is no one right answer.

The chart below shows the efficiency of each type of land in the game and is also courtesy of Vulpes. Mining isn’t as simple as set it and forget it. Be sure to check the commissions and multipliers on each land. Sometimes you might want to mine a lot in a short period of time, so considering a land with a lower charge multiplier might be a good choice. If you have less time to mine then choosing a land like an Active Volcano (5X multiplier) for example might suite you better. Here is a link to Vulpes’ chart as well.

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