Buying/Selling /Trading Alien Worlds NFTS


To experience the full Alien Worlds economy you will need to login to your WAX cloud wallet on 2 other platforms, Atomic Assets and Alcor Exchange.

Atomic Assets is the market place where you can buy, sell and trade Alien Worlds nfts. To make sure that you are getting the best price available on the market please use the filters too see the lowest price available on a particular item.

Alcor exchange is the place to exchange the Trilium you earn in the game for wax, which you can then spend on the Atomic Assets marketplace if you choose to do so. Alcor is a free exchange, but be careful when entering prices and using it. If you buy or sell your Trilium for the wrong price it can not be undone. For more on how to use the Alcor exchange check out the Trilium explained page.

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