Aliens Worlds Guide

This is a project of David Lee and Good Vibes Mining. David and GVM met in Alien Worlds and have become great friends! To us Alien Worlds is about having fun, meeting people, creating friendships, gaming and NFTs (we love NFTs!)!! There are many different things to do in this metaverse – lots of places to meet people, create bonds, and be a part of a community – this project is meant to help new explorers see it all!!!


Communities – An ever growing list of amazing communities in the game. There are communities in this metaverse for everyone, people you will enjoy meeting, have fun with and form relationships with. The best way to find these is to look around! 

Getting Started – How to set up your WAX Cloud Wallet. How to log into the game.

Alien Worlds Official Discord – This is the highest level of the community. Everyone should join.

Buying and Selling Alien Worlds nfts – Information on the Atomic Hub Market place and Alcor exchanges

Choosing a land to mine on – What different land types and planets mean & how to make sure you have the best commission rate

Choosing minions– Which minions are the best

Choosing tools– Which tools are the best for Trilium and NFTS

Choosing weapons–  Which weapon is the most efficient

Errors– How to fix errors
Errors – CPU and RAM errors explained in detail

Equipping the same tool more than once– A how-to guide

Governance – Everything you need to know about planetary governance

Nebula Quests – Go on quests with friends and compete for amazing prizes

NFT tracking tool – See the latest Alien Worlds NFTS mined, track NFTS by wallets address as well

Roadmap – The exciting roadmap for the game

The Thunderdome– What it is and how it will work

Trilium explained mining/buying/selling– How to use the Alcor exchange and more

Shining– What shining is and how to do it

Staking– Explaining the process of staking and unstaking Trilium to planets and what it does

AW Whitepaper