Good Vibes to all!!!

We’ve been fans of digital gaming (no matter the type) since its inception, and that fascination has only grown deeper over time as platforms evolve. Our introduction to AW is simple: a mutual friend sent us a link, our interest was piqued, and research led us to the AW white paper. As gamers, we were intrigued and struck by its awesome potential. The universe was designed with complete transparency, a game without secrets. All the mechanisms that enforce control were not enforced by a controlling party, but by the mechanics of the game – something wholly different from what we’d previously experienced; while the Federation does retain some oversight, that process is also transparent. AW is not your typical game driven by a black box shrouded in mystery with more questions than answers.

Since then, the time we’ve spent immersed in AW has been nothing but joyous and fun – hence our name, “Good Vibes.” As slightly older gamers (we’re not that old, though) with the benefit of age and experience, we saw an environment in which we could spread positivity and happiness during such unpredictable times. Our real-time leader boards were born purely out of what we wanted to see for ourselves as players; team events were developed on a whim, and the response has been overwhelming! We have some new ideas in the Good Vibes pipeline coming soon…no spoilers, but they’re driven by the same mantra that’s led us here.

We have some specific core principles – or vibes – that we’re especially proud of. The first is 0.5% commissions. We’d been setting our commissions on all our lands (when we weren’t hosting events) to 1% and we noticed a large spike in mining on the most efficient TLM lands (our icy deserts on Neri and Kav). Players would mine every day, not move, and we could see them send TLM to Alcor and get wax back. They were not in our Discord channel, not participating in our events, and we’d had no prior contact. We felt quite strongly (and still do) that there must be a better way for those miners to earn at a near zero commission rate and take home as much tangible currency as possible. They invest a considerable amount of personal time in the game, and should be compensated accordingly.

We also share the conviction that players shouldn’t feel compelled to forgo sleep in order to win/partake in events whose primary goal is to both be enjoyable and rewarding. To that end, we’ll no longer run events longer than 24 hours; rather, ours will run for 3-5 hours per day, over the course of 3-5 days. We believe this is a better overall experience and more representative of a healthier work/life/gaming balance.

Our hope is that players in the Good Vibes community explore all the options available to them in AW – investigate groups, travel around, etc. We don’t expect 100% of someone’s game time, nor do we want it; the subchannel in our Discord, “Cool Things to do in AW” was established precisely for that reason. Most importantly – even we take time off and we encourage our members to do the same!

We’ve actively pursued partnerships with other landowners in the spirit of camaraderie, enthusiasm and growth. Once such friendship is with an owner from Spain who’s helped us develop an upcoming release called “Datavibe Lands.” We have an exciting team event in the works with the Alien Army, to which both sides groups are contributing their time and lands. We’ve recently offered our advice and technological insight to three new landowners to help them gain confidence to explore new ideas and expand their base.

We love the feelings…the “vibes”…this community generates. Two members of our community had new additions to their families at the same time, on the same day, and that “vibe” was truly memorable.

One member submitted unsolicited artwork, which we now use as our logo in Discord with his permission.

AW has reinvigorated our desire to be creative and engage, to inspire new friends and reconnect with old ones.

There is no grand plan, end goal or exit strategy.

We’re just here for the Good Vibes.