My “good vibes moments” has been being around my girlfriend, whether it’s cooking together, talking for hours or watching movies at facetime. It’s an indescribable feeling to be with someone you love so much.
idk what should i write but thank you so much for events
GVM has a grate Discord with alot of freindly members and it made me laugh and have a good time
Ciao ragazzi . Sono entrato in questo mondo da poco ma devo ammettere che è una comunità sana è molto viva. Devo ammettere che non c’è un momento particolare da ricordare ma una serie di momenti e chiacchiere tra veri amici che si ritrovano al pub per farsi una bevuta. Buone minate a tutti Giuseppe da Pescara.
Keep on mining guys
Its Me, lol No i’ve been playing from the start hard grind started out with 1 shovel and now at 3 drills. its a long haul but worth every shot soo this is my shot!
Good Flow on Vibes Geeks
Will i be the lucky one to be surprised!?
Thank you fo accepting me
My introduction to Alien Worlds was through the cryptomonkeys NFTs as I was a part of Banano community. I encountered GVM by mistake. Someone on reddit had recommended it as a good community. Among all the other communities which weren’t a lot then the name really attracted me. The game was getting grindy after the Binance launch and everything and suddenly the fun of game had been sucked off. I had joined the GVM discord but never participated in the beginning as I was confused about the nature of the game and the communities. By chasing lands with low percentages I came across a few 0% commission lands and I wondered who were these generous landowners. After a week or two I realized that those lands were GVM lands. So, I started to look at the events page on the site and decided that I trusted these landowners the most as they were running 0% lands.
The first event I participated in if my memory serves me right was the Atomic API Challenge and the first event where I won something was a Standard Drill in the Boys of Summer event. Since then I have participated in pretty much all events. I don’t play AW for the TLM or the AW NFTs only anymore, but consider the GVM events as the center of my life in AW. The provide me with a sense of community and take out all the grind from the game that one feels when one is mining without a community or is just chasing the highest mines or TLM as many landowners encourage. Every time after an event when I get a reward from GVM it feels calming almost like a friend handing over a gift for playing and hanging out with them for a while.
I look forward to how GVM goes forward and hope to be a part of the journey going forward.
Keep doing the good job
It’s not really a single moment, but the community in the uplift has been simply amazing. People willing to travel 30 minutes just to go look at something for someone. Sharing resources. Lending plot for people to try.
When I bought my land I had been in The Uplift discord for a while but hadn’t really followed it, and didn’t realize what the community was all about. I got some plots in CK which is survival mode and had imagined an absolute free for all where people would be trading abundant renewable resources for ridiculous prices, and not willing to help unless they got something in return. But this was far from the case.
I’ve been blown away this week and even a little changed by this community. I can’t wait to see what’s next!
Gracias por toda la ayuda que le dan a los jugadores de AW.
Thank you for what you are doing on AW and allowing us to continue to run events <3
I’m very deep inspired of AW NFT game, I’m land owner and miner as well, I almost mine now and then but what I found is not proportionally fit what earn, first of all I very enjoy this game that I hope the game DAO system can be changed for who miner staked more TLM can be rewarded more mining rate. And also implement the KPI mining reward, so that all hard miner can enjoy more reward.
finalmente posso salutare e ringraziare tutta la comunità che ce dietro GVM……..sono dentro da poco….. ma percepisco la serietà e gentilezza e soprattutto la vostra PAZIENZA a risolvere e aiutare i problemi di tutte le persone che entrano in questo mondo …. sono contento di farne parte ….veramente grazie della vostra disponibilità e sincerità
That moment GVM brought aw stats back to life and brought so much peace in all our ocd brains. We Will Never Forget! Love!
In this group I found so much, I was helped, directed and cocked (which I think is the best thing to learn things). I got in already wrong, but thanks to the help of the ubiquitous Sharkyto I received so many excellent indications not to go wrong in the future, then I was also helped at the level of play. I want to thank him and everyone who helped me. Thank you
It’s not really an anecdote but I can say that every time someone has a problem online (or in real life), It always feels good to give that person the help he requires, noob or experienced it doesn’t matter, many are grateful if you spent some time to explain the solution.
Today I went for a run as well and most of the time if I see another runner I would cheer them up by saying positive things. It probably give them good vibes (or creepy vibes depending on the situation haha) and it also help you give an extra boost to finish the run. Good vibes always! 😀
I participate constantly. But I never won (((
Music loud enough, time to do my halfhourly clicks, browsing the discord, glass of beer…… relaxing!
Hey everyone,
GVM was the place where I first move my first steps, where I learned how important is to stay updated on the news. I like the idea of good vibes mining, cryptos and finance world in general are seen and a bunch of wolves and sharks biting and eating each others for money. It feels good to have a sens of community, support, friendship. If the ones in charge are not making our interests it’s good to reunite under a common goal and help each other out. That’s the crypto community I want.
about 2 months ago a man, without great a knowledge about crypto, throwed a few bucks in a lottery called binance launchpool. he heard about it from others, that this would be a good move. he did it before, but he did’nt understand what to do with DODO or LIT. this time his reward would be TLM, never heard before. the days passed and he accumulated a bit of them on binance without thinking about it, while another user pointed out that they are still searching interplanetary miners on the lonely man so joined the metaverse, digging some planets on his own. WOW, by clicking 3 times the mouse, he got more Trillium (he also discovered the meaning of TLM) then in his binance pool.
the lonely miner was interested to know more about it, so he discoverd a telegram group with other miners. he was very interested about to get more TLM and asked a lot of questions, but for his misfortune one of them was against the channel rules and he got banned. the miner didn’t give up his new job, he wanted to know more about it, but on web he didn’t find the informations he wanted. what to do now? wait, there was a guy answering his questions in the telegram group, don’t remember the name, damn. it was something like gmt, yeah and he talked about happy mining. so another search on web.
hmm, google says goodvibesmining, hm he saws this logo before, gvm, yeah that’s it. let’s search this guy on telegram and ask to go back in the channel. what? he is no more admin there? but fortunatly he sent a link to the lonely miner for discord.
so the lonely miner got into the discord rocket and landend on a planet called veles. there he found a lot of other miners, looking for fortune like him, helping each others and improving their skills together. the lonely miner was not longer alone, but he joined a nice community, in which he found a lot of nice other miners, especially sharkyto, a miner from his own homecountry.
mining was no longer clicking 3 times the mouse, but talking about it, battling with others in events, and of course also getting rewarded with nice giveaways.
thanks for running such a nice community
Nice events 🙂
nice event! Now I’m minning at Veles 6:8 ,thanks for good events. Keep up the good work 🙂
It’s Hard to mine a nfts but i am a hardworking man so if i win a rare tools for mining it is good because it will help a lot to me. So advance thankyou ☺️
Wish to win and thank you for the past nft’s giveaway. More powers to you guys!!
The best moment for me was the AMA with the different developer who shed a light on all the changes that were going to be coming soon which made me more interested in the games. Moreover GVM asking questions from the chat made sure to cover everyone’s question about the game as well. And the events made it a lot more fun to play AW with a friendly competition with the great community.
go go go to the moon
All the goodvibes event just gives me good vibes!! Your team is too generous!!!
My friend introduced me to play
I love all of the competitions. Always fun and rewarding for completing the comps.
The community is always growing and the GVM team have great content with the owners have AMA which are always helpful.
I love being part of the GVM community
Hello from Russia! This is a great project to be unstup!
Hello everyone, I myself am from Belarus, I want to wish everyone a good mood and prosperity in the NFT project, as well as the creators of all the best. Sorry for mistakes, I am using a translator.
One of our community members lent his Dust mining NFT’s (enhancers) to another user in our group, solely on trust. It was valued at several thousand dollars in all. He did it so the other group member could mine for him in the dust chat. Pretty cool.
I like GVM community on how they give fair events for both old players and new players like me. I got my starter tools from joining the events and winning random draws thats why i stayed here. But honestly this is not my first community, and plus the lands owned by them is newbie friendly too
One of the good vibes moments I had was when I received a standard drill and a colonize mars pre-launch team patch during the 12th day of my journey at the metaverse. For a beginner, receiving a standard drill already means happiness to me. And during that time, I felt like I’ve achieved something great again after a while by being active in such a good community. I also love how the GVM community welcome everyone that comes in, and how they show their appreciation to those people that participate in the events, in the chatroom, sharing good music, and good conversation even though they are miles and hours apart.
Just this NFT community bro. Its the best
I was grinding in and out of the top 3 in the Ancient War event recently. First event I’ve ever been that high in leaderboard. Event ended and refreshed the leader board and ended up missing top 3 by exactly 0.01! Ended up chatting with ozpbc.wam on the discord who beat me out for 3rd and he offered to give me his #3 spot! How cool is that?! That last 2 hours of the event were intense. Miners in 2-5 please were like head to head the whole time. Ton of fun! Good vibes and mine on!
My most “Good Vibes” moment so far was when someone saw me and someone (We are both from South America. Him from Argentina and me from Brazil. We don’t know each other, but was just talking about how economy sucks) talking in the general chat of another server and then tipped me 80 Doge, then tipped 400 doge later. I almost cried.
It was just so out of nowhere, but at the same time, it give off a feeing like he had been sent to me. I know it’s unbelievable, I had to check my stats more than once and did it again when I woke the next day.
I don’t usually do this kind of things, butt hat moment was had a really nice vibe (not because I got $200 free, but because of the action the person took)
Thanks for letting me share.
Great to be a part of GVM 💪🖖